Uses for integration


Windows users

Manage data in Instant Files, and in other storages you use, be it WebDAV or FTP from your Windows Server or Workstation


Mac OS X users

Native Mac OS X application is the best choice to manage data in the cloud from your Mac desktop

Why use this integration

  • Friendly interface
    helps with quick start

  • Cyberduck supports both major desktop platforms, Mac OS X and Windows

  • Unlike the majority of cloud managing software, Cyberduck is free.

  • Despite being free, Cyberduck is very powerful and it unveils hidden possibilities of Instant Files in a friendly manner

cyberduck-logoHow To Use Cyberduck integration

  • Download cyberduck at its official website and install it following instructions

  • Obtain credentials from My Webzilla panel. You will need user name, tenant name, password. You should download Cyberduck profile by pressing the corresponding button as well. Open this profile with previously installed Cyberduck

  • Enter tenant name and user name delimited by colon (:) in the 'Username' field

  • Enter password

  • Start using Cyberduck. You may download data from cloud and upload it to cloud, manage it and perform standard operations you usually use with your files